Australian Resume Template Free Download


Why is a resume important in your job search? 

Your resume is your opportunity to immediately make an impression to the Hiring Manager by demonstrating your experience, achievements, skills and relevant qualifications.

On average, you only have six seconds to grab the attention of Hiring Managers. This means that your resume content needs to be organised in a way that it’s easy for the human reader to immediately see the main parts.

Your resume also needs to be on a design that’s scannable and readable by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means your resume should not contain any text boxes, columns, graphics and other components that are not able to parse by the ATS.

Click below to have a copy of our downloadable and fully editable Australian resume template in MS Word format.

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About this resume design:

  • Simple layout that works for anyone looking for an Australian job regardless of the sector or level of experience
  • Ensures that 70% of your information is on the first page of your resume for maximum impact
  • Minimal use of colours (as colours are not recognised by the ATS)
  • Just note: this product is DIY, which means we don’t offer any support in formatting your resume or creating your content. You may check our Pricing and Services for full services.


Once you’ve prepared your resume using our free Australian template, you may send it to us to receive a free assessment.