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Personal Branding for C-Suite Executives

As a Senior Executive (CEO, COO, EL, SES, GM), you must go beyond qualifications to deliver a memorable, executive candidacy! In Amp-Up Your Resume, we help you identify that differentiation and convey it into a meaningful marketing message that surpasses qualifications while giving you a competitive edge. We paint a full picture of your executive profile and carve a path toward career success through persuasive content and targeted positioning strategy.

Highlighting Key Differentiation for Specialists

For any specialist jobs — for example, Surgeons and Lawyers — your CV needs keywords and a unique strategy to ensure hiring managers are immediately impressed by your ability to deliver results in critical areas. Through our expert approach, your CV will maximise employer response, showing your quantifiable achievements and by effectively marketing your skills and other qualifications. Additionally, we incorporate industry jargons for optimum recognition by the automated tracking systems (ATS).

How We’re Qualified

  • We’re Experts. We have 10+ years of experience crafting thousands of resume.
  • Tailored Service. We have personalised experience spanning up to 50 different sectors and industries.
  • Strong track record. We sustain a 97% client satisfaction rating.

Resume Writing – Executive & Specialist

We offer a straightforward process to create a resume that gets noticed by your potential employers. Here’s how our service works:

  1. icon-questionnaire


    Fill in our client form for us to flesh out your career goals, work history and accomplishments. This is only required for clients who don’t have an existing resume or those who have additional experiences not included on their old resume.

    Download our client questionnaire here. Or fill in the online version here.

    Send this to us together with your old resume.

  2. icon-consultation

    Touch Base.

    Once we’ve received your files, we may contact you through phone or email for clarifications. We require full payment upfront to confirm you booking and before we proceed with any work.

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    Once we have all the required information, we start working on the initial drafts. If there’s anything else we need to know while drafting, we get in touch through phone and/or email, or you’re free to call/email us anytime if you have concerns.

  4. icon-fine-tune


    You’ll receive your first drafts documents via email in 3 days (except Sunday as our Writing and Editing Teams are off). You’ll then have 14 days to review the first drafts and request for potential amendments. Read about our policy on amendments here.

  5. icon-finalize


    Once you’ve made your review of your new documents, we then apply your requested changes in less than 24 hours (Sunday excluded). Final copies are sent in Word format (PDF upon request).

Price: AU$328

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