Is it Really Worth Hiring an Australian Resume Writer?


Job searching is an expensive process.

You need to invest in buying new clothes or dry cleaning your only interview suit.

And at a time when every single dollar counts, you don’t want to spend more cash than necessary filling up your gas tank to attend yet another job interview, only to come back with another rejection.

If you’ve been searching for a new job for some time now without any success, it may not be what you’re saying but how you come across on your resume. This is where a professional Australian resume writer comes in.

With over 10 years of experience, we’re not just a typing service. We’re experts in ensuring your resume stands out from other applications waiting in the same line.

Here are the reasons why hiring our professional Australian resume service is a great investment for you:


Your knot gud at riting (You’re not good at writing)


For example, if you’re a bookkeeper, numbers are your game, not words. You may be very good at what you do but when it comes to expressing yourself on paper, your writing might just confuse the Hiring Manager. It might also be challenging for you to figure out which parts of your experience are useful to include on your resume.

As professional Australian resume writers, we can identify what needs to be present on your resume – and what doesn’t – expressing it all in a professional presentation.


You’re stuck in the past


We’ve had clients who used to think that their resumes were awesome. But from the perspective of a Hiring Manager, all they see is the past.

Resumes don’t need to be too fancy. The key is to find the right balance between a resume that gives you a creative edge but doesn’t overdo it.

That said, we can give your document that extra oomph it deserves following the recent trends in resume writing. We know how to use formatting elements effectively. This means avoiding the use of graphs, columns and images that are difficult for the applicant tracking system to read.


You’re not securing job interviews on your own


You may have an impressive work history and impeccable work skills but you’re still not getting any interview invites. It might be because of your below par resume.

When you have your resume reviewed and revamped by a professional Australian resume writer, it might just open doors for you that could eventually lead to a great career.

We also understand the importance of having targeted resumes customised to each role you’re applying for. That being said, we can implement subtle changes that could make a huge difference in securing an interview.


You’re too modest


Preparing your resume means listing your achievements and showing yourself in the best possible light. But this could feel like bragging for modest people.

Being too self-conscious could prevent you from articulating your achievements on paper. But by removing subjectivity from resume writing, you can show your knowledge and experience without the fear of sounding arrogant.

This is where an expert Australian resume writer comes into play. We can assist you with the resume writing process if you have a difficulty time boasting about your achievements. You don’t have to be shy in getting help because we’re our own worst critics and talking about ourselves could be tough.


You don’t know how to address your employment gaps 


Perhaps you’ve left the workforce to raise a family and now you’re ready to work once again, but there’s a huge gap in your employment history.

Or you’re in the process of switching careers and unsure how to spin your resume to demonstrate your transferrable skills to a new job sector.

We can’t rewrite history for you. But we can solve your specific resume problems, turning any negative aspects into positives.


Final words


While other people can write their resumes on their own, when you’re struggling to get interviews, hiring a professional Australian resume writer like Amp-Up Your Resume could be one of the best investments you’ll make in your job search.

Getting started is as easy as visiting our pricing page or contacting our centralised support team.